Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 11, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving...

7:54am - 10:55am

Nelson Patton; Jon Hassell; Michael Brook; Julia Kent; Pantha du Prince; Viñu Vinu; Gudrun Gut / Mabe Fratti; Felicia Atkinson; Connect_icut; Perila; Kelly Lee Owens / John Cale; Ulrich Schnauss; Ian William Craig; Julianna Barwick; Windy and Carl; DJ Koze / Sophia Kennedy; Nicolas Jaar; Teebs; Jacques Greene; Aidan Baker; Kelly Lee Owens; Arca; Moon; White Poppy and Ela Orleans.

Track Listing:

universal process
nelson patton · universal process
darbari bridge
jon hassell · maarifa street: magic realism vol. 2
earth floor
michael brook · hybrid
glint and fade
julia kent · glint and fade: single
when we talk
pantha du prince · conference of trees
viñu vinu · echoes from afar
el cielo responde
gudrun gut / mabe fratti · let's talk about the weather
transparent movement
felicia atkinson · everything evaporate
connect_icut · dodecapenton
long dizzying air through a balcony door
perila · 7.32/2.11
corner of my sky
kelly lee owens / john cale · inner song
a long way to fall
ulrich schnauss · a long way to fall
last of the lantern oil
ian william craig · red sun through smoke
julianna barwick · healing is a miracle
the stranger
windy and carl · allegiance and conviction
drone me up, flashy
dj koze / sophia kennedy · knock knock
faith made of silk
nicolas jaar · cenizas
teebs · anicca
jacques greene · dawn chorus
in the meadow
aidan baker · the forever tapes
kelly lee owens · inner song
arca · @@@@@@@@
card crane ha
moon · moon
white poppy · paradise gardens
the season
ela orleans · movies for ears