Breakfast With The Browns Episode September 27, 2021

Small tribut to Richard H. Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire Founding Member)

7:53am - 10:56am

Pantha du Prince; Healion; Vivian Koch; Mas Aya; Shackleton; Idee du Femelle; The Cyrillic Typewriter; Cabaret Voltaire; Kara-Lis Coverdale; Richard H. Kirk; Body / Dilloway / Head; Christoph du Babalon; Amon Tobin; Tor; Absolutely Free; Cabaret Voltaire; Gudrun Gut / Mabe Fratti; Richard H. Kirk; Deadbeat; Piedmont Sorpid; Cabaret Voltaire; Unklnik; Richard H. Kirk; Venetian Snares / Daniel Lanois and Oneohtrix Point Never / Elizabeth Fraser.

Track Listing:

wake up
trio · everyman has a woman
roots making family
pantha du prince · conference of trees
healion · about breathing
lil' birdy starts to fly again
vivian koch · beyond contact
mas aya · mascaras
something tells me / pour out like water
shackleton · departing like rivers
come back to bali
idee du femelle · sequences
naive rythm
the cyrillic typewriter · permanent colours
a sunday night in biot
cabaret voltaire · 1974-76: remastered
kara-lis coverdale · aftertouches
richard h. kirk · virtual state
goin' down
body / dilloway / head · body / dilloway / head
christoph de babalon · hilf dir selbst!
black as the sun
amon tobin · how do you live?
city 66
tor · oasis sky
clear blue sky
absolutely free · aftertouch
cabaret voltaire · groovy, laidback and nasty
in d
gudrun gut / mabe fratti · let's talk about the weather
love is deep
richard h. kirk · the number of magic
texas tea
deadbeat · new world observer
blown foreign placement
piedmont sorpid · barefeat presents
night of the jackal
cabaret voltaire · shadow of fear
konkrete slamm'n
unklnik · barefeat presents
poets, saints, revolutionaries
richard h. kirk · the number of magic
united p92
venetian snares / daniel lanois · venetian snares x daniel lanois
tales from the trash stratum
oneohtrix point never / elizabeth fraser · magic oneohtrix point never never
you're wondering now
the specials · the specials