Breakfast With The Browns Episode August 2, 2021

Happy BC Day

7:58am - 10:59am

Loscil; White Poppy; Connecti_cut; SubtractiveLAD; Screens; Holy Hum / Stephen Carl O'Shea; Ian William Craig; Teen Daze; White Poppy; My Friend Wallis; Moth Mouth; VWAM Collective; Spell; DJ Olive; Deadbeat; Unknown Mobile / CFCF; Adham Shaikh / Kinnie Starr; Veloce; Quadra; Sinewave; The Verbrilli Sound; E.D. Swankz; Destroyer and Lnrdcroy.

Track Listing:

loscil · clara
a calming wind
white poppy · sound meditations: vol. 2
lonely in the house
connecti_cut · talisman
subtractivelad · fade
the dirt
screens · from the rubble
holy hum / stephen carl o'shea · midnight music
open like a loss
ian william craig · red sun through smoke
glacial lake
teen daze · breathing tides
white poppy · paradise gardens
on hawaiian time
my friend wallis · on hawaiian time
youth corridor daily
moth mouth · dissolver
krishna shivfight and the jets of venus
vwam collective · le fleurs du mal
look out
spell · lull
in a mermaid scale
dj olive · place: vancouver
me and marco
deadbeat · wax poetic for this our great resolve
unknown mobile / cfcf · daucile moon
somptin' hapenin' (water in me)
adham shaikh / kinnie starr · essence
air tanqueray
veloce · veloce
track desperado
quadra · based on a true story
refried beams
sinewave · unity gain
sideshot jazzwalk
the verbrilli sound · headlands: deepdown tempos vol. 2
e.d. swankz · headlands: deepdown tempos vol. 2
kinda dark
destroyer · have we met?
sunrise market
lnrdcroy · rhythms of the pacific: vol. 1