Breakfast With The Browns Episode July 19, 2021

Return to live broadcasts - The Browns are back in live action!

7:56am - 11:02am

Group 180 / Frederic Rzewski; Elori Saxl; Elysia Crampton; Julia Kent; Andrew Wasylyk; Field Kit; Khotin; Julianna Barwick; MJ Guider; Fieldhead; KMRU; Fieldhead; Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith; Lyra Pramuk; Aidan Baker; Natalie Beridze; Liila; Buildings and food; Colleen; Tor; Somni; Sophia Kennedy; Healion and Telefuzz.

Track Listing:

coming together
group 180 / fredric rzewski · reich, rzewski, melis, szemzo
group 180 / fredric rzewski · reich, rzewski, melis, szemzo
memory of blue
elori saxl · the blue of distance
morning star
elysia crampton · orcorara 2010
julia kent · forsythia: single
halflight of the cadmium moon
andrew wasylyk · fugitive light and the themes of consolation
field kit · field kit
outside in the light
khotin · finds you well
julianna barwick · circumstance synthesis
perfect interference
mj guider · sour cherry bell
fieldhead · (photograph)
kmru · logue
fieldhead · (photograph)
carrying gravity
kaitlyn aurelia smith · the mosaic of transformation
new moon
lyra pramuk · fountain
in and out of darkness
aidan baker · the forever tapes
forever has no shadow
natalie beridze · forgetfulness
appa wú wéi
liila · soundness of mind
buildings and food · up down strange charm
the tunnel and the clearing
colleen · the tunnel and the clearing
tor · drum theory
grown into you
somni · home
i can see you
sophia kennedy · monsters
about breathing
healion · in light, it undoes nothing...