Breakfast With The Browns Episode July 12, 2021

New Philip Jeck with Faith Coloccia, Hawsepiper, TIBSLC and more...

7:59am - 10:58am

Philip Jeck / Faith Coloccia; Lighght; Seefeel; O Yuki Conjugate; Michel Banabila; Hawsepiper; Anne Chris Bakker; Dialect; Locust Toybox; TIBSLC; Rachika Nayar; Bardo:Basho; Botany; Pelican Daughters; Picnic; Rosa Anschütz; Penelope Trappes; Kelly Lee Owens; Peaking Lights; Taken by Trees; Natalie Beridze; HAAi; Sophia Kennedy; YlangYlang and Sofia Kourtesis.

Track Listing:

philip jeck / faith coloccia · stardust
vectors: known and unknown
lighght · holy endings
rough for radio
seefeel · the john peel sessions
where she goes at night
o yuki conjugate · the euphoria of disobedience
michel banabila · wah wah whispers
hawsepiper · red knot returns
make my bed in crystal waters
anne chris bakker · illuminations
ringing the web
dialect · under~between
you'll never look
locust toybox · drownscapes
lying on the floor
tibslc · delusive tongue shifts - situation based compositions
a burning plain
rachika nayar · our hands against the dusk
bardo:basho · alinea
burning from the edges inward
botany · deepak verbera
pelican daughters · wound without a tear
folds and rips (huerco s. rmx)
picnic · picnic
rosa anschütz · rigid
red yellow
penelope trappes · penelope three
kelly lee owens · kelly lee owens
peaking lights · lucifer
highest high
taken by trees · other worlds
be airborn
natalie beridze · mapping debris
head above the parakeets
haai · put your head above the parakeets
sophia kennedy · monsters
ylangylang · cycles & decay
sofia kourtesis · fresis magdalena