Breakfast With The Browns Episode June 21, 2021

Happy Summer Solstice...

8:00am - 11:00am

Loscil; Jan Jelinek; Noveller; Pantha du Prince; Pole; TALsounds; Lyndsie Alguire; YlangYlang; Slowdive; Boreal Network; Viñu-Vinu; Colleen; YlangYlang; MinaeMinae; Papiro; Seefeel; Fieldhead; Croatian Amor; Tor; Nicolas Jaar; Tricky; Looper; Against All Logic; Buildings and Food; Kelly Lee Owens; Nadine Shah and Sophia Kennedy.

Track Listing:

loscil · clara
palmen aus leder
jan jelinek · tierbeobachtungen
the unveiling
noveller · a pink sunset for no one
pantha du prince · conference of trees
pole · fading
no restoring
talsounds · acquiesce
lyndsie alguire · sin against truth
innermost luster
ylangylang · soft focus
blue skied an' clear
slowdive · pygmalion
star wheel
boreal network · aviation weather
viñu-vinu · echoes from afar
gazing at taurus: night sky rumba
colleen · the tunnel and the clearing
green blue
ylangylang · cycles and decay
minaeminae · latibula
la finestra dentata
papiro · la finestra dentata
seefeel · rupt & flex: 1994 - 96
fieldhead · (photograph)
point reflex blue
croatian amor · all in the same breath
city 66
tor · oasis sky
keep me there
nicholas jaar · space is only noise: 10th anniversary edition
blood of my blood
tricky · ununiform
columbo's car
looper · up a tree
against all logic · against all logic: 2021-2017
1979 pennies and pluto
buildings and food · quick beat save
kelly lee owens · kelly lee owens
holiday destination
nadine shah · holiday destination
sophia kennedy · sophia kennedy