Breakfast With The Browns Episode June 7, 2021

New Tunes for June...Loscil, VWAM, Papiro, Soso & Maki, Sophia Kennedy and more...

8:00am - 11:00am

Forest Management; Loscil; Branches; Boreal Network; Loscil; Imaginary Softwoods; Vancouver Women's Ambient Music Collective; Valiska; Peppermoth; Jon Hassell; Papiro; CFCF; Amandra; Blessed are the Hearts that Bend; Soso & Maki; White Poppy; Call Super; Penelope Trappes; Viñu-Vinu; The Golden Filter; Kelly Lee Owens; HAAi; Colleen; Sophia Kennedy; Xyla; Tor; The Fire This Time & Maya Jane Coles.

Track Listing:

the dreamer
forest management · remain
loscil · faults, coasts, lines
branches · hiddenness
the big fitz
boreal network · aviation weather
loscil · clara
innerglow portal / aqua drawer lamp
imaginary softwoods · so extra bronze lamp
lady conductor
v.w.a.m. · le fleurs du mal
of water
valiska · healer
follow me
peppermoth · glimmer tide
jon hassell · seeing through sound: pentimento two
papiro · la finestra dentata
life in apartments
cfcf · blowing up the workshop 48
amandra · 035
blessed are the hearts that bend · is my destroyer
soso & maki · if and only if
heavy hands
white poppy · dorval & devereaux
every mouth teeth missing
call super · every mouth teeth missing
penelope trappes · penelope three
propositions pour empêcher le fascisme
viñu-vinu · exilio transitorio
the golden filter · autonomy
the golden filter · autonomy
kelly lee owens · kelly lee owens
rotating in unison
haai · put your head above the parakeets
implosion / explosion
colleen · the tunnel and the clearing
orange tic tac
sophia kennedy · monsters
just you and me
xyla · ways
tor · oasis sky
reso para 'jah'
the fire this time · still dncing on john wayne's head
old jam
maya jane coles · take flight