Breakfast With The Browns Episode May 10, 2021

New Loscil; Lyndsie Aguire; Viñu-Vinu, Fielhead and more...

8:00am - 11:00am

Brian Eno / Harold Budd; Lyndsie Aguire; Brian Eno / Harold Budd; Viñu-Vinu; Burial; Loscil; The Cyrillic Typewriter; Jon Hassell; Laurel Halo; Pole; Roméo Poirier; Fieldhead; Viñu-Vinu; Huerco S; Tim Hecker; Space Afrika; Fall Therapy / Arc Lab; Samantha Glass; Tor; Blockhead; Healion; Jeff Greinke; Buildings and Food; U; Looper; Telefuzz and Sabota.

Track Listing:

first light
brian eno / harold budd · ambient 2: plateau of mirror
lyndsie aguire · sins against truth
failing light
brian eno / harold budd · ambient 2: plateau of mirror
deep forest
viñu-vinu · echoes from afar
state forest
burial · tunes: 2011 to 2019
loscil · clara
naïve rhythm
the cyrillic typewriter · permanent colours
jon hassell · seeing through sound
raw silk uncut wood
laurel halo · raw silk uncut wood
pole · fading
roméo poirier · hotel nota
look amazing
fieldhead · (photograph)
exil transitoire
viñu-vinu · exilio transitorio
huerco s. · for those of you who have never...
the star compass
tim hecker · radio amor
space afrika · somewhere decent to live
suns ahead
fall therapy / arc lab · twenty years away
the mechanics of patrol
samantha glass · introducing the confession
tor · oasis sky
attack the doctor
blockhead · interludes after midnight
healion · in light, it undoes nothing...
jeff greinke · swimming
the shape of ossington
buildings and food · up down strange charm
black danube
u · vienna orchestra
the arrow
looper · kinokraft: these things
telefuzz · silent rooms
sabota · sabota 001