Breakfast With The Browns Episode May 3, 2021

Happy May...New Lighght, Michel Banabila, Bardo:Basho and more...

8:01am - 11:03am

Catarina Barbieri; Lighght; O Yuki Conjugate; Michel Banabila; Fieldhead; Natasha Giordano / Filip Sijanec; Dialect; Locust Toybox; Rodrigo Stradiotto / Karen Vogt; Julianna Barwick; Rachika Nayar; Bardo: Basho; Botany; TALsounds; Aidan Baker / Ekin Fil; Rosa Anschütz; James Holden; Dixie's Death Pool; Kelly Lee Owens; Peaking Lights; Taken by Trees; New Age Steppers; Jeff Greinke; Carbon Based Lifeforms and Sofia Kourtesis.

Track Listing:

catarina barbieri · worldwidewindow
vectors: known and unknown
lighght · holy endings
where she goes at night
o yuki conjugate · the euphoria of disobedience
michel banabila · wah wah whispers
fieldhead · riser
her eyes
natasha giordano / filip sijanec · music for another sky
ringing the web
dialect · under ~ between
you'll never look back
locust toybox · drownscapes
rodrigo stradiotto / karen vogt · music for another sky
oh memory
julianna barwick · healing is a miracle
a burning plain
rachika nayar · our hands against the dusk
bardo: basho · alinea
burning from the edges inward
botany · deepak verbera
no rise
talsounds · acquiesce
in search of sleep
aidan baker / ekin fil · the dark well
rosa anschütz · rigid
james holden · long weekend e.p.
the egg
dixie's death pool · twilight sound mountain
kelly lee owens · kelly lee owens
peaking lights · lucifer
highest high
taken by trees · other worlds
animal space
new age steppers · stepping into a new age: 1980-2012
city stream
jeff greinke · swimming
right where it ends
carbon based lifeforms · derelicts
sofia kourtesis · fresia magdalena