Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 12, 2021

New Anne Sulikowski, Ian Nyquist, Elori Saxl and more delectables...

8:00am - 11:02am

Motion Sickness of Time Travel; High Plains; Ian Nyquist; Anne Sulikowski; Offthesky / The Humble Bee; Imaginary Softwoods; Max in the World; Gabriel Saloman; Fennesz; Marco Shuttle; Khotin; Elori Saxl; Offthesky; Joni Void / N Nao; Vestals; White Poppy; Chicaloyoh; Lyra Pramuk; Tangents; Copeland & Gast; The Creatures; Doomsquad; O Yuki Conjugate; Klik & Frik; Talking Heads and Thievery Corporation.

Track Listing:

superposition wash
motion sickness of time travel · superposition wash
high plains · pilot hill
ian nyquist · endless, shapeless
fuck you and everything you are
anne sulikowski · i have been to the bottom of the ocean
fallen fruit to navigate by
offthesky / the humble bee · we were the hum of dreams
inner glow portal / aqua drawer lamp
imaginary softwoods · so extra bronze lamp
drums of the east river 1
max in the world · drums of the east river
contained battle / ascend
gabriel saloman · movement building: vol 2
made in hong kong
fennesz · endless summer
marco shuttle · worldwidewindow
heavy ball
khotin · finds you well
memory of blue
elori saxl · the blue of distance
offthesky · psalm of solum
geometrie sacree
joni void / n nao · nature morte
vestals · holy origin
white poppy · paradise gardens
jeune fille
chicaloyoh · les sept salons
lyra pramuk · fountain
tangents · timeslips
sisters of control
copeland & gast · sisters of control e.p.
don't go to sleep without me
the creatures · anima animus
farmer's almanac
doomsquad · total time
o yuki conjugate · artefacts
klik & frik · refugio
listening wind
talking heads · remain in light
33 degrees
thievery corporation · radio retaliation