Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 5, 2021

Happy Easter...

8:04am - 11:05am

Holger Czukay; Popol Vuh; O Yuki Conjugate; Phillip Sollmann; Leafar Legov; KMRU; Emanuele Cefalì; Boreal Network; Aidan Baker / Faith Coloccia / Jon Mueller; Julianna Barwick; Bell Orchestre; Tickley Feather; Kursa; Meemo Comma; Heterotic; Holger Czukay; April & Vista; Perera Elsewhere; Four Tet; Julia Holter; Hannah Peel; Figueroa; Mulatu Astatqé; Unklnik and Cabaret Voltaire.

Track Listing:

blessed easter
holger czukay · rome remains rome
träum mal wieder
holger czukay · der osten ist rot
hosianna mantra
popol vuh · hosianna mantra
insect talk (dry)
o yuki conjugate · insect talk: remix
room one
phillip sollmann · something is missing
leafar legov · worldwidewindow
kmru · erased e.p.
emanuele cefalì · worldwidewindow
as the crow flies
boreal network · boreal network
baker / coloccia / mueller · see throgh
inspirit (extended version)
julianna barwick · inspirit: takuya's ry?teki dragons
vii: colour fields
bell orchestre · house music
a certain way
tickley feather · tickley feather: 1 2 3
kursa · you can eat whatever you want for breakfast: pt3 final course
ein sof
meemo comma · neon genesis: soul into matter²
heterotic · weird drift
persian love
holger czukay · movies
april & vista · pit of my dreams
perera elsewhere · all of this
parallel 4
four tet · parallel
i shall love 2
julia holter · aviary
hannah peel · fir wave
if you knew my name
figueroa · the world as we know it
yèkatit (february)
mulatu astatqé · ethiopiques vol 4: ethio jazz & musique instrumentale
rewind + grind
unklnik · barefeat presents
what's goin' on
cabaret voltaire · shadow of fear