Breakfast With The Browns Episode March 1, 2021

New for March...Emeka Ogboh, Elori Saxl, Catarina Barbieri, Anne Sulikowski and so much more

8:02am - 11:02am

Emeka Ogboh; Segue; Loscil; Elori Saxl; Imaginary Softwoods; Botany; Anne Chris Bakker; Anne Sulikowski; Catarina Barbieri / Bendik Giske; The Orb; Carmen Villain; Gardener / Benoit Pioulard; Noveller; Imaginary Softwoods; Márta Sebestyén; Spell; Malka Spigel; Rustre; Ekin Fil; Imaginary Softwoods; KMRU; HHY and the Kampala Unit; Sissy; Trailer Trash Tracys; Tara Clerkin Trio; Steroelab; Bell Orchestre and Against All Logic.

Track Listing:

palm groove
emeka ogboh · beyond the yellow haze
another year
segue · illuminations II
loscil · illuminations II
elori saxl · the blue of distance
remember seeing it
imaginary softwoods · so extra bronze lamp
outer verberum
botany · deepak verbera
make my bed in crystal waters
anne chris bakker · illuminations II
dead end
anne sulikowski · there is no one in here
fantas for saxophone and voice
catarina barbieri / bendik giske · fantas variations
the weekend it rained forever
the orb · abolition of the royal familia
observable future
carmen villain · both lines will be blue
cigarettes in the pool filter
gardener / benoit pioulard · music over distance
deep shelter
noveller · a pink sunset for no one
so extra moon
imaginary softwoods · so extra bronze lamp
tavasz, tavasz
márta sebestyén · apocrypha
spell · lull
lost in sound
malka spigel · every day is like the first day
rustre · everthing is the new nothing
burn up
ekin fil · coda
mr. big volume
imaginary softwoods · so extra bronze lamp
kmru · erased e.p.
mesh intensifier
hhy and the kampala unit · lithium blast
long distance
sissy · march of the humans
black circle
trailer trash tracys · ester
in the room
tara clerkin trio · tara clerkin trio
check and double check
stereolab · aluminium tunes
IV: what you're thinking
bell orchestre · house music
with an addict
against all logic · 2017-2019