Breakfast With The Browns Episode February 8, 2021

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8:04am - 11:10am

Branches; Fieldhead; Emeka Ogboh; KMRU; Emily A Sprague; Aidan Baker / Ekin Fil; Amon Tobin; Felicia Atkinson; Aidan Baker / Faith Collocia / Jon Mueller; G.E.S (Jan Jelinek); Lucretia Dalt; The Orb; Noveller; Barker; Absolutely Free; Daniel Brandt; Buildings and Food; Call Super; Clarence Clarity; DJ Python; Cabaret Voltaire; HHY & the Kampala Unit; C. Schulz; Moth Mouth; Figueroa; Kelly Lee Owens and Lolina.

Track Listing:

for my brothers
branches · keep going
fieldhead · fury and hecla
emeka ogboh · beyond the yellow haze
kmru · peel e.p.
emily a sprague · hill, flower, fog
the dark well
aidan baker / ekin fil · the dark well
atkinson sky
amon tobin · long stories
don't assume
felicia atkinson · everything evaporate
baker / coloccia / mueller · see through
g.e.s. (jan jelinek) · anthology of american pop music
lucretia dalt · no era solida
previtin: empire culling and the hemlock
the orb · abolition of the royal familia
noveller · arrow
hedonic treadmill
barker · utility
burred lens
absolutely free · absolutely free
daniel brandt · channels
particle dream
buildings and food · up down strange charm
opperton swim
call super · every mouth teeth missing
i'mma doomer baby
clarence clarity · dead screen scrolls
dj python · mas amable
be free
cabaret voltaire · shadow of fear
hhy & the kampala unit · lithium blast
c. schulz · frühe jahre
the weight of science is against you
moth mouth · scenic fashion
back to the stars
figueroa · the world as we know it
kelly lee owens · inner song
path of weeds and flowers
lolina · the smoke