Breakfast With The Browns Episode January 25, 2021

New Fennesz, U, Julia Kent, Ekin Fil and more...

8:02am - 11:01am

The Caretaker; Philip Jeck; Sarah Davachi; Nathan Salsburg; Tristan Perich; Meemo Comma; Bana Haffar; Fennesz; U; Julia Kent; Burnt Friedman; MinaeMinae; Ekin Fil; Aidan Baker / Faith Coloccia / Jon Mueller; Kara-Lis Coverdale / LXV; The Cyrillic Typewriter; Pantha du Prince; Intermission Audio Lab; The William Caslon Experience; Cabaret Voltaire; CFCF; Emancipator and DJ Koze.

Track Listing:

i1 stage: temporary bliss state
the caretaker · everywhere at the end of time
pilot (dark blue night)
philip jeck · an arc for a listener
still lives
sarah davachi · cantus, descant
landwerk iii
nathan salsburg · landwerk no. one
drift multiply: section 7
tristan perich · drift multiply
meemo comma · sleepmoss
castles in beirut
bana haffar · castles in beirut
per aspera (ad astra)
fennesz · touch: isolation
u · lowlands
julia kent · drops (single)
burnt friedman · dead saints chronicles
minaeminae · variante
grand illusion
ekin fil · coda
aidan baker / faith coloccia / jon mueller · see through
tunnel vision
kara-lis coverdale / lxv · sirens
the cyrillic typewriter · best suit
approach in a breeze
pantha du prince · conference of trees
when did you arrive
intermission audio lab · overflow
the william caslon experience · blue light one
night of the jackal
cabaret voltaire · shadow of fear
life in apartments
cfcf · blowing up the workshop
emancipator · mountain of memory
dj koze · knock knock