Breakfast With The Browns Episode December 28, 2020

COVID in the Time of Music...2020

8:03am - 11:04am

Emily A Sprague; Brian Eno / Harald Budd; Kinnie Starr; Sarah Davachi; Blessed are the Hearts that Bend; Laurie Anderson; Einstürzende Neubauten; The Cyrillic Typewriter; Windy and Carl; Jon Hassell; Pole; Dark Arts; Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith; Faten Kanaan; Ana Roxanne; Kelly Lee Owens; Matchess; Beatrice Dillon; Joni Void / N Nao; White Poppy; Buildings and Food; MJ Guider; Against All Logic; Suns of Arqa; Xyla; Roy Ayers; Caribou; The Avalanches and Sault.

Track Listing:

a lake
emily a sprague · water memory
first light
brian eno / harald budd · the plateaux of mirror
they found me
kinnie starr · edge of the knife
play the ghost
sarah davachi · cantus, descant
blessed are the hearts that bend · is my destroyer
born, never asked
laurie anderson · big science
einstürzende neubauten · alles in allem
naïve rhythm
the cyrillic typewriter · permanent colours
the stranger
windy and carl · allegiance and conviction
unknown wish
jon hassell · seeing through sound
pole · fading
memory of a dream
dark arts · reflections in a rear view mirror
kaitlyn aurelia smith · the mosaic of transformation
birds of myrrh
faten kanaan · a mythology of circles
a study in vastness
ana roxanne · because of a flower
wake up
kelly lee owens · inner song
the misty realm
matchess · sacracorpa
workaround four
beatrice dillon · workaround
mon lineaire
joni void / n nao · nature morte
hardly alive
white poppy · paradise gardens
buildings and food · up down strange charm
mj guider · sour cherry bell
against all logic · 2017-2019
sisters of mercy
suns of arqa · stranger music
xyla · ways
everybody loves the sunshine
roy ayers · everybody loves the sunshine
caribou · suddenly
born to lose
the avalanches · we will always love you
sault · untitled (rise)