Breakfast With The Browns Episode December 7, 2020

New Pinkcourtesyphone, GES; Faten Kanaan, Cabaret Voltaire and much more...

8:01am - 11:01am

The Cyrillic Typewriter; Pinkcourtesyphone; Mount Maxwell; Andrew Pekler; Roméo Poirier; G.E.S.; M Gedded Gengras; Pantha du Prince; Pole; MinaeMinae; Julia Kent; Josephine Wiggs; William Basinski; Body Negative; White Poppy; Dark Arts; Faten Kanaan; Cabaret Volatire; Shlomho; Teeth of the Sea; C. Schulz; German Army; Susannah Stark; El Perro del Mar; Poisonous Birds; Submotion Orchestra & Carl Stone.

Track Listing:

the cyrillic typewriter · best suit
the shock of each movement...
pinkcourtesyphone · leaving everything to be desired
only children
mount maxwell · only children
description of rain (over frisland)
andrew pekler · sounds from the phantom islands
long côte
roméo poirier · hotel nota
g.e.s. · anthology of american pop music
m geddes gengras · time makes nothing happen
roots making family
pantha du prince · conferernce of trees
pole · fading
minaeminae · gestrüpp
julia kent · waverly (single)
time does not bring relief
josephine wiggs · we fall
all these too, i love
william basinski · lamentations
body negative · fragments
white poppy · paradise gardens
dark arts · reflections in a rear view mirror
the archer
faten kanaan · a mythology of circles
be free
cabaret voltaire · shadow of fear
looking at plants
shlomho · heaven inc. e.p.
gladiators ready
teeth of the sea · wraith
c. schulz · frühe jahre
sink into selfishness
german army · hearing lola kiepja
unnatural wealth
sussanah stark · time together: never be not all of us
free land
el perro del mar · free land
we move plastic
poisonous birds · we can never be not all of us
submotion orchestra · kites
carl stone · stolen car