Breakfast With The Browns Episode November 30, 2020

Tunes For November's Glittering End...

8:00am - 11:00am

Sarah Davachi; The Cyrillic Typewriter; Windy and Carl; Felicia Atkinson; Jake Muir; Pole; Susumu Yokota; Anne Sulikowski; Call Super; Roméo Poirier; Bing & Ruth; Huerco S; Numün; Space Afrika; Coil; 75 Dollar Bill; Cabaret Voltaire; Capital K; Pablo's Eye; Body Negative; El Perro del Mar; MJ Guider; Buildings and Food; Samantha Glass; Susannah Stark; Dark Arts; Somni & LAL.

Track Listing:

hanging gardens
sarah davachi · cantus, descant
their banter
the cyrillic typewriter · permanent colour
will i see the dawn
windy and carl · allegiance and conviction
this is the gate
felicia atkinson · everything evaporate
the dimness of the sealed eye
jake muir · the hum of your veiled voice
pole · fading
the future of ecstacy
susumu yokota · cloud hidden
train metal bridge
anne sulikowski · when i woke up everthing was slightly out of place
pleasure for pleasure
call super · every mouth teeth missing
du roche
roméo poirier · hotel nota
i had no dream
bing & ruth · species
promises of fertility
huerco s · for those of you who have...
numün · voyage au soleil
a1: untitled
space afrika · above the concrete / below the concrete
red skeletons
coil · the golden hare with the voice of silver
snow jumper's harp
75 dollar bill · power failure
papa nine zero delta
cabaret voltaire · shadow of fear
capital k · birdtrapper
amb 7
pablo's eye · spring break
figure 8
body negative · fragments
white on white
el perro del mar · free land
body optics
mj guider · sour cherry bell
buildings and food · up down strange charm
when to turn the key
samantha glass · introducing the confession
dear beloved friend
susannah stark · time together: hues and intensities
dark arts · reflections in a rear view mirror
no sleep
somni · beats: volume 1
meteors could come down
lal · meteors could come down