Breakfast With The Browns Episode November 16, 2020

New Cyrillic Typewriter, Pole, Felicia Atkinson, Roméo Poirier and more...

8:00am - 11:01am

Huerco S; Sarah Davachi; Evan Caminiti; Loscil; Laurel Halo; Cyrillic Typewriter; Pole; Jon Hassell; Roméo Poirier; Huerco S; Jake Muir; Pantha du Prince; Fall Therapy / Arc Lab; Tim Hecker; Space Afrika; Samantha Glass; Felicia Atkinson; Fieldhead; White Poppy; Buildings and Food; U; Looper; Wagon Christ & Sabota.

Track Listing:

huerco s · untitled
sarah davachi · cantus, descant
holo dove
evan caminiti · varispeed hydra
loscil · untitled
raw silk uncut wood
laurel halo · raw silk uncut wood
naive rhythm
cyrillic typewriter · permanent colours
pole · fading
jon hassell · seeing through sound
roméo poirier · hotel nova
huerco s · For Those of You Who Have Never
on occassions of this kind
jake muir · the hum of your veiled voice
the crown territory
pantha du prince · conference of trees
suns ahead
fall therapy / arc lab · twenty years away
the star compass
tim hecker · radio amor
tape signal
space afrika · above the concrete / below the concrete
the mechanics of patrol
samantha glass · introducing the confession
everything evaporate
felicia atkinson · everything evaporate
an arrow
fieldhead · riser
slumberland grasses
white poppy · dorval / devereaux
the shape of ossington
buildings and food · up down strange charm
black danube
u · vienna orchestra
the arrow
looper · kinokraft: these things
same ol', same ol' recording
wagon christ · reception
sabota · sabota 001