Breakfast With The Browns Episode August 10, 2020

New Jon Hasell, Nicolas Jaar, Speaker Music, Bing & Ruth and much more...

8:00am - 11:00am

Nicolas Jaar; Jon Hassell; Speaker Music; Jon Hassell; Bing & Ruth; CFCF; Gia Margaret; Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith; Call Super; MinaeMinae; Alex Haas / Bill Laswell; Jon Hassell; Tortoise; Kara-Lis Coverdale; Noveller; Less Bells; Matchess; Windy and Carl; Carl Gari / Abdullah Miniawy; Tortoise; Equanim; Teebs; Figueroa; Jeff Parker; Perera Elswhere; Jacques Greene; Veloce; and Gavin Froome.

Track Listing:

nicolas jaar · telas
cool down
jon hassell · seeing through sound
techno is a liberation technology
speaker music · black nationalist sonic weaponry
jon hassell · seeing through sound
i had no dream
bing & ruth · species
canyon song
cfcf · blowing up the workshop
gia margaret · mia gargaret
expanding electricity
kaitlyn aurelia smith · the mosaic of transfromation
ekko ink
call super · arpo
minaeminae · gestrupp
harde to believe
alex haas / bill laswell · smoke + glass
moons of titan
jon hassell · seeing through sound
tortoise · the catastrophist
touch me & die
kara-lis coverdale · aftertouches
the unveiling
noveller · a pink sunset for no one
forest ghosts
less bells · solifuge
of the living
matchess · sacracorpa
windy and carl · allegiance and conviction
carl gari / abdullah miniawy · the act of falling from the 8th floor
shake hands with danger
tortoise · the catastrophist
planned chaos
equanim · instrumental language
teebs · anicca
back to the stars
figueroa · the world as we know it
after the rain
jeff parker · suite for max brown
you've lost
perera elsewhere · drive e.p.
do it without you
jacques greene · dawn chorus
veloce · veloce
gavin froome · post + beam