Breakfast With The Browns Episode June 29, 2020

New Jon Hassell, Max in the World, MinaeMinae, Phillip Sollmann and other Delectables...

8:12am - 11:13am

Gas; Michael Brook; Max in the World; Jon Hassell / Brian Eno; MinaeMinae; Phillip Sollmann; Jon Hassell; Call Super; Jon Hassell; Unfinished Portraits; Barker; Noveller; Space Afrika; Zachary Gray; SubtractiveLad; Moth Mouth; Silk Saw; Nihiloxica; Tara Clerkin Trio; Anne Sulikowski; The Verbrilli Sound; The Silver Field & Cindy.

Track Listing:

narkopop 10
gas · narkopop
michael brook · hybrid
drums of the east river 3
max in the world · drums of the east river
jon hassell / brian eno · fourth world vol. 1: possible musics
minaeminae · gestrupp
phillip sollmann · monophonie
wing melodies
jon hassell · power spot
music stand
call super · arpo
jon hassell · seing through sound: pentimento vol 2
mixed messages
unfinished portraits · memory lake
die-hards of the darwinian order
barker · utility
deep shelter
noveller · a pink sunset for no one
space afrika · somewhere decent to live
zachary gray · plan b
a moment for life
subtractivelad · mercy
officially, i'm not here
moth mouth · dissolver
corrupted food
silk saw · nothing is finished / everything starts
nihiloxica · kaloli
in the room
tara clerkin trio · tara clerkin trio
and if i knew the day before
anne sulikowski · n.a.
the buried ocean
the verbrilli sound · the swankz sessions
dry light
the silver field · sing high! sing low!
2y & 6m
cindy · i'm cindy