Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 20, 2020

New Haarvol; Windy and Carl; Less Bells, Nicholas Jaar and More...

7:59am - 10:59am

Haarvol; Sarah Davachi; Earthen Sea; Pantha du Prince; Benoit Pioulard; Polmo Polpo; Windy and Carl; The Velvet Orchestra; The Humble Bee / Benoit Pioulard; Less Bells; Grouper; Sweet Exorcist; Jhno; The Field; Teeth of the Sea; The Novotones; Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds; Saltland; Wreckmeister Harmonies; Nicholas Jaar; Matchess; Kolsch / Aurora; Grimes; Gil Scott Heron / Makaya McCraven and the Creatures.

Track Listing:

granite: dramaturgy of hopelessness
haarvol · ridge of humming spoils
sarah davachi · baron's court
living space
earthen sea · grass and trees
approach in breeze
pantha du prince · conference of trees
if i could be anything, i'd be nothing
benoit pioulard · violette
requiem fo a fox
polmo polpo · like hearts swelling
windy and carl · allegiance and conviction
the velvet orchestra · velvet desert music: vol 1
in the anodyne brisk
the humble bee / benoit pioulard · i suppose i'm your future
forest ghosts
less bells · solifuge
grouper · ruins
ghettoes of the mind
sweet exorcist · a touch sample (1995)
my mind is aglow
jhno · kwno
the field · kompakt: total 6
teeth of the sea · wraith
angel of doomsday
the novotones · velvet desert music: vol 2
jesus alone
nick cave and the bad seeds · skeleton tree
light of mercy
saltland · a common truth
where have you been, my lovely son
wreckmeister harmonies · light falls
nicolas jaar · cenizas
of the living
matchess · sacracorpa
in bottles
kolsch / aurora · 1989
grimes · miss anthropocene
new york is killing me
gil scott heron / makaya mccraven · we're new again
around the world
the creatures · hai!