Breakfast With The Browns Episode March 30, 2020

Distinctly Noir...

8:01am - 11:00am

John Zorn; DJ Shadow; DJ Food; Ian Simmonds; Architecture; The Herbaliser; Portishead; Sinewave; Mighty Truth; Nelson Riddle Orchestra; Leroy Holmes; Tricky; Mono; Dimitri of Paris; DJ Vadim; United Future Organization; Microbunny; The Herbaliser; Malka Spigel; John Barry; Mono; Microbunny; Lamb; Massive Attack; Jerome Miniere; Sinewave; Coldcut; Portishead; Supreme beings of Leisure & Ela Orleans.

Track Listing:

john zorn · spillane
midnight in a perfect world
dj shadow · endtroducing
the crow
dj food · kaleidoscope
trying to breathe
ian simmonds · last states of nature
the smoker
architecture · travelogue
mother dove
the herbaliser · there were seven
theme to kill a dead man
portishead · glory times
3rd density blues
sinewave · unity gain
city to the sea
the mighty truth · from the city to the sea
route 66 theme
nelson riddle orchestra · the beat generation: vol 1
search for vulcan
leroy holmes · the crime scene
tricky · maxinquaye
hello cleveland
mono · formica blues
un world mysterieuse
dimitri of paris · sacrebleu
conquest of the irrational
dj vadim · u.s.s.r. reconstruction
his name is...
united future organization · 3rd perspective
microbunny · dead stars
the herbaliser · very mercenary
malka spigel · everyday is like the first day
the persuaders theme
john barry · the best of john barry
life in mono
mono · formica blues
brown stars
microbunny · microbunny
feu d'joi
invisible pair of hands · le carburant du cerveau
lamb · what sound
massive attack · mezzanine
un commencement de rage
jerome miniere · la nuit ├ęclaire le jour qui suit
todd's journey into temporal space
sinewave · unity gain
mr nichols
coldcut · sound mirrors
wandering star
portishead · dummy
never the same
supreme beings of leisure · supreme beings of leisure
ela orleans · film for ears