Breakfast With The Browns Episode March 9, 2020

For Voices Lost...

7:52am - 10:56am

Sofie Birch; Kyle Bobby Dunn; Barker; Julia Kent; Loscil; Ulla; Leya; Peppermoth; Beatrice Dillon; Roger Eno / Brian Eno; Aidan Baker / Gareth Davis; Lucy Gooch; Malka Spigel; Penelope Trappes; Grimes; Penelope Trappes; Amon Tobin; Veloce; Caribou; Eris Drew; Kelly Lee Owens; Pantha du Prince; Destroyer; Of Montreal; The Verbrilli Sound; Agnes Obel; Tricky; LAL & Jacques Greene.

Track Listing:

myrian myriad
sofie birch · planetes
the tributary (for voices lost)
kyle bobby dunn · a young person's guide
models of wellbeing
barker · utility
the toll
julia kent · green and grey
loscil · lifelike
i think my tears have become good
ulla · tumbling towards a wall
leya · flood dream
peppermoth · the second bird
square fifths
beatrice dillon · workaround
roger eno / brian eno · mixing colours
aidan baker / gareth davis · invisible cities II
lucy gooch · rushing e.p.
lost in sound
malka spigel · everyday is like the first day
carry me (cosey fanni tutti remix)
penelope trappes · penelope redux
so heavy i fell through to the earth
grimes · miss anthropocene
penelope trappes · penelope two
red moon
amon tobin · long stories
veloce · s.t.
filtered piano / never come back
caribou · suddenly
transcendental access point
eris drew · fluids of emotion
kelly lee owens · inner song
roots making family
pantha du prince · conference of trees
the television music supervisor
destroyer · have we met?
st sebastian
of montreal · ur fun
pomegranate seeds
the verbrilli sound · the devil and the drogonfly
poem about death
agnes obel · late night tales
dark days
tricky · ununiform
losing myself
lal · dark beings
for love
jacques greene · dawn chorus