Breakfast With The Browns Episode February 24, 2020

Archers on the Beach see out the Month...

7:53am - 10:56am

Furrows; Cheryl Duvall / Anna Hostman; Tim Hecker; Destroyer / Tim Hecker; Julia Kent; Secret Pyramid; Aidan Baker / Gareth Davis; Sign Libra; Loscil; Aidan Baker; Building Castles out of Matchsticks; Apollo Ghosts; Biosphere; Beatrice Dillon; Pantha du Prince; Katie Gatley; Buck 65; Panda Bear; Austra; Braids; A Sunny Day in Glasgow; The Luyas; Pete Samples; A Psychic TV & Bibio.

Track Listing:

the disappearance of things we loved
furrows · a thin veneer
cheryl duvall / anna hostman · harbour
you never were
tim hecker · anoyo
archer on the beach
destroyer / tim hecker · archer on the beach e.p.
julia kent · green and grey
her spirits
secret pyramid · the silent march
aidan baker / gareth davis · invisible cities II
sea of nectar
sign libra · sea to sea
bush five
loscil · lifelike
in the meadow
aidan baker · the forever tapes
darkness falls
building castles out of matchsticks · oscillating forests
reading chair
apollo ghosts · living memory
biosphere · patashnik
workaround two
beatrice dillon · workaround
pius in tacet
pantha du prince · conference of trees
katie gatley · loom
danger play
buck 65 · neverlove
slow motion
panda bear · tomboy
the future
austra · feel it break
braids · native speaker
a sunny day in glasgow · ashes grammar
too beautiful to work
the luyas · too beautiful to work
the jumper cables
pete samples · the jumper cables
psychic tv · godstar
ode to a nuthatch
bibio · ribbons
k is for kelson
bibio · mind bokeh