Breakfast With The Browns Episode November 11, 2019

In Memory of all Victims of War and Armed Conflict,,,

7:53am - 10:56am

Sarah Davachi; Julia Kent; B. Fleischmann; Pan*American; Jessica Moss; Carl Gari / Abdullah Minaiawy; Jonsi & Alex Somers; Josephine Wiggs; Building Castles out of Matchsticks; Klimek; Moth Mouth; Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds; Buck 65 / Jenn Grant; Sing Sinck, Sing; Apparat; Minor Pieces; Laurie Anderson / Tenzin Choegyal / Jesse Paris Smith; Meemo Comma; Apollo Ghosts; Malibu; Jerome Miniere; Ela Orleans; Jacques Greene & The Verbrilli Sound.

Track Listing:

sarah davachi · gave in rest
last hour story
julia kent · temporal
b. fleischmann · welcome tourist
memphis helena
pan*american · a son
fractals (truth 1)
jessica moss · entanglement
carl gari / abdullah miniawy · the act of falling from the eighth floor
in the sea (drowned)
jonsi & alex somers · lost and found
time does not bring relief
josephine wiggs · we fall
one day time itself must die
building castles out of matchsticks · oscillating forests
greed, mutation, betrayal
klimek · movies is magic
the future of life
moth mouth · dissolver
night raid
nick cave · ghosteen
who by fire
buck 65 / jenn grant · 20 odd years
joy is on her mount and death is at her side
sing sinck, sing · are sing sinck, sing
a violent sky
apparat · krieg und frieden
the way we are in song
minor pieces · the heavy steps of dreaming
natural form of emptiness
laurie anderson, tenzin choegyal, jesse paris smith · songs from the bardo
meemo comma · sleepmoss
mowing around arbutus tree
apollo ghosts · living memory
lost at sea
malibu · one life
la somme des jours
jerome miniere · une clairiere
ela orleans · movies for ears
jacques greene · dawn chorus
pomegranate seeds
the verbrilli sound · the devil and the dragonfly