Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 21, 2019

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7:53am - 10:53am

Sarah Davachi; Gas; 2562; Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble; Microbunny; Julia Kent; Jonsi & ALex Somer; Kammerflimmer Kollektief; Apollo Ghosts; Jaques Greene; Telefuzz; Minor Pieces; Devon Welsh; Arrange; Moth Mouth; The Verbrilli Sound; Pepe Deluxe; Towa Tei; Sinewave; Microbunny; Elsiane; Jerome Miniere & The The.

Track Listing:

so gentle, so gentle
sarah davachi · vergers
gas · gas
2562 · fever
mists of krakatoa
kilimanjaro darkjazz ensemble · here be dragons
electrical fire incident
microbunny · 49 swans
julia kent · temporal
in the sea (drowned)
jonsi & alex somer · lost and found
action 1: lucid, imperial beach
kammerflimmer kollektief · there are actions which we have neglected and which never cease to call us
western red cedar
apollo ghosts · living memory
jacques greene · dawn chorus
one hundred light years of solitude
telefuzz · sleep
ship breaking
minor pieces · the heavy steps of dreaming
song bird
devon welsh · true love
bringing the block
arrange · blood dust
moth mouth · dissolver
the verbrilli sound · the devil and the dragonfly
woman in blue
pepe deluxe · supersound
towa tei · future listening
grand vortex vertigo
sinewave · unity gain
microbunny · 49 swans
elsiane · death of the artist
la vérité est une espèce menacée
jerome miniere · une clairiere
the beaten generation
the the · mind bomb