Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 14, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

7:54am - 10:56am

J.O.M.F.; Julia Kent; Brambles; Windy and Carl; Pan American; Jonsi & Alex Somers; (ph)authers; Building Castles out of Matchsticks; Minor Pieces; Carl Gari / Abdullah Miniawy; Mt. Rave; Majical Cloudz; Brasstronaut; Hollie Kenniff; Peppermoth; Moth Mouth; Francoiz Breut; Jerome Miniere; Frankiie; The Organ; Brian Eno / Karl Hyde & Son Lux.

Track Listing:

nice one
j.o.m.f. · flags of the sacred harp
last hour story
julia kent · temporal
brambles · charcoal
nature of memory
windy and carl · we will always be
there can be no thought...
pan american · white bird release
jonsi & alex somers · lost and found
(ph)authers · a light, a glimmer
port rowan
building castles out of matchsticks · magical thinking
minor pieces · the heavy steps of dreaming
carl gari / abdullah miniawy · the act of falling from the eighth floor
mt. rave · 5th world
majical cloudz · impersonator
revelstoke dam
brasstronaut · mean sub
field edge
hollie kenniff · the gathering dawn
bee path
peppermoth · glimmer tide
officially i'm not here at all
moth mouth · dissolver
le jardin d'eden
francoiz breut · zoo
jerome miniere · un clairiere
dream reader
frankiie · forget your head
no one had ever looked so dead
the organ · grab that gun
who rings the bell
brian eno / karl hyde · someday world
lost it to trying
son lux · lanterns