Breakfast With The Browns Episode September 9, 2019

New Dark Matter Halo w. Bill Laswell, Carl Gari w. Abdullah Miniawy, Amy Dang and more

7:54am - 10:54am

Dark Matter Halo / Bill Laswell; Carl Gari / Abdullah Miniawy; Ami Dang; Sarah Davachi / Ariel Kalma; Jon Hassell; Makaya McCraven; Move D; Deadbeat; Carl Gari / Abdullah Miniawy; Loscil; Forest Management; Badge Epoque Ensemble; Makaya McCraven; Telefuzz; 75 Dollar Bill; Josephine Wiggs; The Arcade Fire; Matchess; Laurie Anderson; Efdemin; Freeworm; Leech; Lusine & Capital K.

Track Listing:

black aether transmission
dark matter halo / bill laswell · caravan to the stars
carl gari / abdullah miniawy · the act of falling from the 8th floor
ami dang · parted plains
harmonium odyssey
sarah davachi / ariel kalma · intemporal
jon hassell · listening to pictures
holy lands
makaya mccraven · universal beings
move d · building bridges
hebatallah and bashar
dead beat · wax poetic for this our great resolve
carl gari / abdullah miniawy · the act of falling from the 8th floor
equivalent 4
loscil · equivalents
winthrop avenue
forest management · a light, a glimmer
undressed in solitude
badge epoque ensemble · s.t.
wise man, wiser woman
makaya mccraven · universal beings
bottled sunlight
telefuzz · deepdown tempos
there is no such thing as a king bee
75 dollar bill · i was real
the soft stars that shine
josephine wiggs · we fall
josephine wiggs · we fall
ocean of noise
arcade fire · neon bible
of freedom
matchess · sacracorpa
same time tomorrow
laurie anderson · bright red
a land unknown
efdemin · new atlantis
vegetation = fuel
freeworm · vegetation = fuel
leech · data horde
lusine · retrace
building fire
capital k · goatherder