Breakfast With The Browns Episode July 8, 2019

New 75 Dollar Bill; Heiki; Valiska; Simon Trottier and More...

7:55am - 10:57am

75 Dollar Bill; Eternal Tapestry; Heiki; Valiska; Sarah davachi / Ariel Kalma; Jon Hassell; Teendaze; Simon Trottier; Earthen Sea; Peppermoth; Julia Kent; Badge Epoque Ensemble; Makaya McCraven; Building Castles out of Matchsticks; Lara Sarkissian; Joshua Abrams; Matchess; Robag Wruhme; Holly Herndon; Unkle; Fluxion & Kreidler.

Track Listing:

i was real
75 dollar bill · i was real
mountain primrose
eternal tapestry · wild strawberries
heiki · tower of acid
valiska · numbers
sarah davachi / ariel kalma · intemporal
al-kongo udu
jon hassell · listening to pictures
teendaze · bioluminescence
atlas of infinite horizons
simon trottier · astronomical winter
shallow, shadowless
earthen sea · grass and tress
follow me
peppermoth · glimmer tide
through the window
julia kent · temporal
turn to moss
josephine wiggs · we fall
undressed in solitude
badge epoque ensemble · badge epoque ensemble
wise man, wiser woman
makaya mccraven · universal beings
black sun
efdemin · new atlantis
flow my tears the policeman said
building castles out of matchsticks · n.a.
between the earth and the sky
lara sarkissian · penninsula
joshua abrams · magnetoception
matchess · the rafter
bezique atout
robag wruhme · venq tolep
holly herndon · proto
unkle · the road: part II / lost highway
train incident
fluxion · ripple effect
kreidler · european songs