Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 15, 2019

New Building Castles out of Matchsticks; Julia Kent; Sarah Davachi; WVAM and More..

7:52am - 10:55am

Building Castles out of Matchsticks; Gas; Motion Sickness of Space Travel; Julia Kent; Jessica Moss; High Plains; Sarah Davachi; SubtractiveLad; Penelope Trappes; Ian William Craig; Eli Keszler; VWAM Colective; Craig Aalders; Matchess; Kyle Bobby Dunn; Fluxion; The Field; Croatian Amor; Lolina; Croatian Amor; Julia Holter; Bonobo & The Cinematic Orchestra.

Track Listing:

part 1
building castles out of matchsticks · string theory
rausch part 3
gas · rausch
space choir (laraaji)
motion sickness of time travel · greater lengths
floating city
julia kent · temporal
fractals truth 2
jessica moss · entanglement
a white truck
high plains · cinderland
perfumes III
sarah davachi · pale bloom
wrong story
subtractivelad · within and without
penelope trappes · penelope two
and therefore the moolight
ian william craig · thresholder
the last westbrook lament
ian william craig · thresholder
was the singing bellowing
eli keszler · stadium
space monkey
wvam collective · amphibian star
coastal apparition
craig aalders · oceonography
of freedom
matchess · sacracorpa
foothills medical clinic
kyle bobby dunn · from here to eternity
the meeting
fluxion · ripple effect
hear your voice
the field · infinite moment
eden 1.2
croatian amor · isa
the river
lolina · the smoke
eden 1.1
croatian amor · isa
julia holter · aviary
no reason
bonobo · migration
the workers of art
the cinematic orchestra · to believe