Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 1, 2019

For Scott Walker

7:55am - 10:53am

Scott Walker; Sarah Davachi; Peppermoth; Scott Walker; Arvo Part; Loscil; Terre Thaemlitz; Brian Eno; Puce Mary; Apparat; Scott Walker; Jim Carroll; Laurie Anderson / Arto Lindsay; Scott Walker; Jerome Miniere; Malka Spigel; David Bowie; Nico; Scott Walker; Ian Willaim Craig; Julia Holter; David Bowie & The Walker Brothers.

Track Listing:

scott walker · bish bosch
third hour
sarah davachi · gave in rest
peppermoth · glimmer tide
farmer in the city
scott walker · tilt
my heart is in the highlands
arvo part · spiegel im spiegel
loscil · monument builders
terre thaemlitz · couture cosmetique
what actually happened
brian eno · nerve net
to possess is to be in control
puce mary · the drought
a violent sky
apparat · krieg und frieden
scott walker · tilt
i am not kurt switters
jim carroll · pools of mercury
bright red
laurie anderson · bright red
my death
scott walker · ...sings jacques brel
un commencement du rage
jerome miniere · la nuit eclaire...
malka spigel · everyday is like the first day
david bowie · black star
all tomorrow's parties
nico · live heroes
the day the conductor died
scott walker · bish bosch
purpose (is no country)
ian william craig · centres
everyday is an emergency
julia holter · aviary
where are we now
david bowie · the next day
the sun ain't gonna shine anymore
the walker brothers · the walker brothers