Breakfast With The Browns Episode March 18, 2019

New VWAM, Efdemin; Aleksi Perälä, Rapoon; RAP and More...

7:54am - 10:55am

Julia Kent / Jean D.L.; Sarah Davachi; SubtractiveLad; Tim Hecker; VWAM Collective; Efdemin; Aleksi Perälä; Jessica Moss; Nervous Operator; Bing & Ruth; Spell; Rapoon; RAP; Rezzett; Peaking Lights; Deadbeat; Matchess; Penelope; Tangents; Roy Montgomery; Croatian Amor; Julia Holter & Eli Keszler.

Track Listing:

part 4
julia kent / jean d.l. · the great lake swallows
sarah davachi · gave in rest
within and without
subtractivelad · within and without
this life
tim hecker · konoyo
holiday on earth
vwam collective · amphibian star
new atlantis
efdemin · new atlantis
aleksi perälä · starlight 3
fractals (truth 4)
jessica moss · entanglement
nervous operator · incoherent reflections
broad channel
bing & ruth · city lake
spell · lull
the epoch, and the bachelor stripped
rapoon · reformed faction: the world awake
rap · export
worst ever contender
rezzett · s.t.
blind corner
peaking lights · sea of sand
deadbeat · wax poetic for this our great resolve
violent overthrow
matchess · sacracorpa
penelope trappes · penelope two
tangents · new bodies
roy montgomery / purple pilgrims · suffuse
into salt
croatian amor · isa
in garden's muteness
julia holter · aviary
bell underpinnings
eli keszler · stadium