Breakfast With The Browns Episode January 14, 2019

Truth, Fractals and Entanglements...

7:53am - 10:53am

SubtractiveLad; Jessica Moss; Hammock; Steve Hauschildt / Gabi; Nervous Operator; Adham Shaikh; Christina Vantzou; Tim Hecker; Building Castles out of Matchsticks; Julia Holter; Eli Keszler; White Poppy; Ian William Craig; Roy Montgomery; White Poppy; Kid Koala / Trixie Whitely; Tangents; Cold Specks; Deadbeat; Peppermoth; Fluxion; Sandro Perri; Lolina and The Field.

Track Listing:

burn it down
subtractivelad · within and without
fractals (truth 4)
jessica moss · entanglement
scattering light
hammock · universalis
hammock · universalis
steve hauschildt / gabi · dissolvi
salal loop
nervous operator · incoherent reflections
blossom part 8: cascades
adham shaikh · blossom vol 2
christina vantzou · no. 4
is a rose petal of the dying light
tim hecker · konoyo
one night in october
building castles out of matchsticks · driveway stars
julia holter · aviary
was the singing bellowing
eli keszler · stadium
arctic rose
white poppy · natural phenomena
discovered in flat
ian william craig · thresholder
roy montgomery · suffuse
slumberland grasses
white poppy · dorval and devereaux
hera's song
kid koala / trixie whitley · music to draw to: io
lake george
tangents · new bodies
cold specks · fool's paradise
mike and judy
deadbeat · wax poetic for this our great resolve
peppermoth · glimmer tide
fluxion · ripple effect
everybody's paris pt 2
sandro perri · in another life
lolina · the smoke
hear your voice
the field · infinite moment