Breakfast With The Browns Episode December 10, 2018

New Jessica Moss, Kelly Moran, Ian William Craig and more...

7:54am - 10:56am

Thomas Koner; Karoline LeBlanc / Paulo J Ferreira Lopes; Scanner; SubtractiveLad; High Plains; Jessica Moss; Kelly Moran; Sarah Davachi; Loscil; Stillness and stars; Tim Hecker; Bing & Ruth; NAVASA; Kenneth James Gibson; Deadbeat; Vessel; Devon Welsh; Peppermoth; Ian William Craig; Veloce; Hammock; Son Lux; Kellarissa; Julia Holter; Joanna Newsome; Matchess & The Field.

Track Listing:

part 2
thomas koner · nunatuk
american frontier
karoline leblanc / paulo j ferreira lopes · hypnagogic cartography 1
exposure, collapse
scanner · the great crater
within and without
subtractivelad · within and without
ten sleep
high plains · cinderland
fractals (truth 2)
jessica moss · entaglement
strangers are easy to look at , loved ones are museums of brutality
kelly moran · optimist
sarah davachi · gave in rest
monument destroyers
loscil · sun
building of rooks
stillness and stars · s.t.
in death valley
tim hecker · konoyo
bing & ruth · tomorrow was the golden age
heaven really needs me
navasa · when angels dream
her flood
kenneth james gibson · in the fields of nothing
steve and fatima
deadbeat · wax poetic for this is our great resolve
sand tar man star (for aurelia)
vessel · queen of golden dogs
devon welsh · dream songs
i weep for your
peppermoth · glimmer tide
more words for mistake
ian william craig · thresholder
veloce · s.t.
tether of learning
hammock · universalis
son lux · brighter wounds
kellarissa · ocean electric
words i heard
julia holter · aviary
joanna newsome · the milk eyed mender
the misty realm
matchess · sacracorpa
hear your voice
the field · infinite moment