Breakfast With The Browns Episode December 3, 2018

Sickle Moon with First Deep Frost...

7:55am - 10:55am

Gas; Scanner; Mica Levi / John Coates; Julia Kent / Jean D.L.; Thomas Koner; Sarah Davachi; Jessica Moss; SubtractiveLad; Philip Jeck; The Field; Tim Hecker; Meat Beat Manifesto; Pepper Moth; Veneer; Christina Vantzou; Kelly Moran; Ian William Craig; White Poppy; Julianna Barwick; Mathew Dear; Vermont; Dead Can Dance; Matchess; Julia Holter; Son Lux & Peppermoth.

Track Listing:

rausch 3
gas · rausch
exposure, collapse
scanner · the great crater
dolphins climb onto the shore for the first time
mica levi / john coates · remain calm
part 2
julia kent / jean d.l. · the great lake swallows
thomas koner · permafrost
sarah davachi · gave in rest
particles (edit)
jessica moss · entanglemment
infinite things
subtractivelad · within and without
called in
philip jeck · cardinal
made of steel, made of stone
the field · infinite moment
keyed out
tim hecker · konoyo
meat beat manifesto · impossible star
peppermoth · glimmer tide
veneer · oooo
some limited and waning memory
christina vantzou · no 4
kelly moran · ultraviolet
mass noun
ian william craig · thresholder
white poppy · natural phenomena
keep up the good work
julianna barwick · the magic place
modafinil blues
mathew dear · bunny
vermont · II
the mountain
dead can dance · dionysus
of freedom
matchess · sacracorpa
underneath the moon
julia holter · aviary
son lux · brighter wounds
i weep for you
peppermoth · glimmer tide