Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 22, 2018

New Tim Hecker, William Basinski with Lawrence English, Puce Mary, Mathew Dear and More

7:54am - 10:55am

William Basinski / Lawrence English; Kyle Bobby Dunn; Sarah Davachi; Tim Hecker; Bibio; Mich Cota; Peppermoth; Deadbeat; Fluxion; Jon Hassell; Eternal Tapestry; Easy Star All-Stars; Lump; Puce Mary; The Field; Prophecy Sun / Emerge; Lolina; Mathew Dear; Peaking Lights; Kellarissa; Frog Eyes & Puce Mary.

Track Listing:

selva oscura
william basinski / lawrence english · selva oscura
...rue de guy-mathieu
kyle bobby dunn · ....and the infinite sadness
3rd hour
sarah davachi · gave in rest
in death valley
tim hecker · konoyo
ivy charcoal
bibio · phantom brickworks
ayagwen / wanderer
mich cota · kija / care
bee path
peppermoth · glimmer tide
deadbeat · wax poetic for this is our great resolve
2562 · fever
fluxion · ripple effect
jon hassell · listening to pictures
where the trees touch the ground
eternal tapestry · sleeping on a dandylion
speak to me / breathe in the air
easy star all-stars · dub side of the moon
on the run
easy star all-stars · dub side of the moon
hand hold hero
lump · s.t.
a feast before the drought
puce mary · the drought
who goes there
the field · infinite moment
prophecy sun / emerge · spirit dream
a path of weeds and flowers
lolina · the smoke
bunny's dream
mathew dear · bunny
i'll be in the sky
peaking lights · the fifth state of consciousness
too drunk to be afraid
kellarissa · ocean electric
unconscious missive
frog eyes · violent psalms
red desert
puce mary · the drought