Breakfast With The Browns Episode August 27, 2018

New Sarah Davachi; Jon Hassell; Steve Hauschildt; Lori Scacco; Tim Hecker and more

7:56am - 10:56am

Sarah Davachi; Tom Rogerson / Brian Eno; Kara-Lis Coverdale; Colin Stetson; Sarah Davachi; Julia Kent / Jean D.L.; Steve Hauschildt; Kaito; Christina Vantzou; Peppermoth; Bandshell; Jon Hassell; Tim Hecker; Lori Scacco; Titanium Tunnels; Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith; Gas; Matchess; Maya Jane Coles; Djrum; Lucretia Dalt; Son Lux; Grouper; Chances; Zakroczymska; Neko Case & Devon Welsh.

Track Listing:

hours in the evening
sarah davachi · let night come on bells end the day
an iken loop
tom rogerson / brian eno · finding shore
kara-lis coverdale · aftertouches
in the clinches
colin stetson · all this i do for glory
sarah davachi · gave in rest
part one
julia kent / jean d.l. · the great lake swallows
steve hauschildt · dissolvi
travelled between souls
kaito · pop ambient 2018
sound house
christina vantzou · no. 4
peppermoth · glimmer tide
inversion (after jon hassell)
bandshell · greater lengths
manga scene / her first rain
jon hassell · listening to pictures
this life
tim hecker · konoyo
strange cities
lori scacco · desire loop
secret portals (to other dimensions)
titanium tunnels · the last astronaut
to feel your best
kaitlyn aurelia smith · the kid
rausch 1
gas · rausch
tangents · new bodies
bellum omnium contra omnes
matchess · sacracorpa
maya jane coles · take flight
djrum · portrait with firewood
lucretia dalt · anticlines
son lux · brighter wounds
grouper · grid of points
fire to go
chances · traveler
dark night
zakroczymska · somewhere new
neko case · hell-on
by the daylight
devon welsh · dream songs