Breakfast With The Browns Episode August 6, 2018

Happy BC Day....

7:54am - 10:57am

Sarah Davachi; Christine Vantzou; Kerry Leimer / Marc Barreca; SubtractiveLad; Tom Rogerson / Brian Eno; High Plains; Peppermoth; Secret Pyramid; Valiska; Kenneth James Gibson; Tangents; Cruel Diagonals; Fluxion; Jon Hassell; Esmerine; Peppermoth; Helena Hauff; Matchess; Maya Jane Coles; Nils Petter Molvaer; Cold Specks; Lump; Frog Eyes; Neko Case & Son Lux.

Track Listing:

hours in the evening
sarah davachi · let night come on bells end the day
christine vantzou · no 4
k. leimer / m. barreca · field characteristics
the condition of weightlessness
subtractivelad · sustain / release
marsh chorus
tom rogerson / brian eno · finding shore
a white truck
high plains · cinderland
peppermoth · glimmer tide
memory within memory
secret pyramid · two shadows collide
fake strings for false memories
valiska · on pause
to love a rotting piano
kenneth james gibson · in the fields of nothing
her flood
kenneth james gibson · in the fields of nothing
lake george
tangents · new bodies
intent to vacate
cruel diagonals · disambiguation
fluxion · ripple effect
jon hassell · listening to pictures
northeast kingdom
esmerine · mechanics of dominion
cloud cover
peppermoth · glimmer tide
it was all fields around here when i was a kid
helena hauff · qualm
of the living
matchess · sacracorpa
maya jane coles · take flight
jackson reef
nils petter molvaer · buoyancy
ancient habits
cold specks · fool's paradise
shake your shelter
lump · s.t.
don't sleep under stars
frog eyes · violent psalms
sleep all summer
neko case · hell-on
son lux · brighter wounds