Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 23, 2018

Born Never Asked: Laurie Anderson and more...

7:59am - 10:59am

Suntractivelad; Nicole Lizee; Building Castles out of Matchsticks; Kenneth James Gibson; Laurie Anderson / Kronos Quartet; In Mirrors; Laurie Anderson: High Plains; T. Raumschmiere; Loscil; Laurie Anderson; Equanim; Laurie Anderson; Boundary; Laurie Anderson & Laurie Anderson / Kronos Quartet.

Track Listing:

mountain and the sky
subtractivelad · sustain / release
hitchcock etudes
nicole lizee · hitchcock etudes
there is more than one of everything
building castles out of matchsticks · n.a.
far from home (instrumental)
kenneth james gibson · in the fields of nothing
parts 1 - 7
laurie anderson / kronos quartet · landfall
the advocate
in mirrors · escape from berlin
born never asked
laurie anderson · big science
i dreamed i had to take a test
laurie anderson · united states live
high plains · cinderland
t. raumschmiere · pop ambient 2018
straw dogs
loscil · monument builders
let x = x
laurie anderson · united states live
laurie anderson · mister heartbreak
equanim · instrumental language
world without end
laurie anderson · bright red
the ugly one with the jewels
laurie anderson · the ugly one with the jewels
boundary · s.t.
pieces and parts
laurie anderson · life on a string
oh superman
laurie anderson · big science
nothing left but their names
laurie anderson / kronos quartet · landfall