Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 16, 2018

Drifting to (a)void...ectoplasmic dances

7:54am - 10:56am

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith; Jon Hassell; Boundary; Bibio; Brett Dean; Laurie Anderson / Kronos Quartet; High Plains; SubtractiveLad; Kenneth James Gibson;Laurie Anderson / Kronos Quartet; Lief Hall; Lucrecia Dalt; Ian William Craig; Jon Hassell; Aidan Baker / Valerie Niederoest / Maude Oswald; Shriekback; Scanner; Nicole Lizee; Tim Hecker; Dixie's Death Pool; Lolina; Bonobo; The William Caslon Experience & Kellarissa.

Track Listing:

kaitlyn aurelia smith / suzanne ciani · sunergy
jon hassell · city: works of fiction
ghost writer
boundary · s.t.
phantom brickworks III
bibio · phantom brickworks
intimate decision for solo viola
brett dean · konstantin raudive: the voices of the dead
dawn of the world
laurie anderson / kronos quartet · landfall
black shimmer
high plains · cinderland
full blush
subtractivelad · ellipsis
kenneth james gibson · in the fields of nothing
built you a mountain
laurie anderson / kronos quartet · landfall
dark seed
lief hall · roses for ruins
lucrecia dalt · anticunes
drifting to void on all sides
ian william craig · centres
red rose empire
jon hassell · psychogeography
aidan baker / valerie niederoest / maude oswald · already drowning
3 am
shreikback · sacred city
palae fore memoire
scanner · konstantin raudive: the voices of the dead
girl you are living a life of crime
nicole lizee · n.a.
ghost writing pt 1
tim hecker · haunt me, haunt me again
the balance of life is restored
dixie's death pool · twilight, sound mountain
the missing evidence
lolina · the smoke
bambro koyo ganda
bonobo · migration
the william caslon experience · blue light one
ships in the night
kellarissa · ocean electric