Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 9, 2018

The Apparent Lushness of Spring

7:55am - 10:57am

Bibio; Marc Barreca / Kerry Leimer; SubtractiveLad; Kenneth James Gibson;Jeff Snyder; Sarah Davachi; Craig Leon; Beans; Do Make Say Think; Laurie ANderson / Kronos Quartet; Ian William Craig; Teen Daze; Yui Onodera; Lucretia Dalt; Lolina; Marlon Williams; Brian Eno / Carl Hyde; Ought; Cold Specks; Majical Cloudz; The Verbrilli Sound; Nightmares on Wax; Maya Jane Coles; Telefuzz; Kellarissa & Blue Hawaii.

Track Listing:

branch line
bibio · phantom brickworks
marc barreca / kerry leimer · field characteristics
containing light
subtractivelad · past the horizon
kenneth james gibson · in the fields of nothing
sunspots Ve
jeff snyder · sunspots
sarah davachi · all my circles run
donkeys bearing cups
craig leon · anthology of interplanetary Folk music vol. 1: nommos / visiting
beans · 63:19
apparent lushness
earthen sea · an act of love
as far as the eye can see
do make say think · stubborn persistent illusions
never what you think it will be
laurie anderson / kronos quartet · landfall
thunder continues in the aftermath
laurie anderson / kronos quartet · landfall
we blame each other for losing the way
laurie anderson / kronos quartet · landfall
another long evening
laurie anderson / kronos quartet · landfall
set to lapse
ian william craig · centres
wandering through kunsthal
teen daze · themes for a new earth
nine chains to the moon
yui onodera · pop ambient 2018
lucretia dalt · anticlines
lolina · the smoke
beautiful dress
marlon williams · make way for love
who rings the bell
brian eno / karl hyde · someday world
into the sea
ought · room inside the world
cold specks · fool's paradise
majical cloudz · are you alone?
the verbrilli sound · many coloured butterflies
deep shadows
nightmares on wax · shape the future
bonobo · migration
maya jane coles · take flight
telefuzz · the financiers of samsara
black sea
kellarissa · ocean electric
versus game
blue hawaii · tenderness