Breakfast With The Browns Episode January 22, 2018

Tunes for the Inanimate and the Day to Day...

7:56am - 10:56am

Wiklow; Calamalka; Secret Pyramid; Valiska; Connect_icut; Joshua Abrams & the Natural Information Society; Brooklyn Raga Massive; Olivia Belli; Andy Haas; James Holden & the Animal Spirits; Tor; Ben Frost; Profligate; Visible Cloaks; Laurie Anderson; Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith; Kreidler; Esmerine; Kreidler; Maya Jane Coles; Oval; The Orb; Bonobo; Cold Specks; Destroyer; Elsiane and Trailer Trash Tracys.

Track Listing:

a kind deceiver
wiklow · artificial nature
calamalka · all the way up
a dream on third
secret pyramid · two shadows collide
valiska · on pause
imperial alabaster
connect_icut · crows & kittiwakes wheel & come again
joshua abrams & the natural information society · simutonality
cells 1-8
brooklyn raga massive · terry riley in c
etude no. 5
olivia belli · philip glass piano works
year of meteors
andy haas · taballah II
incantation for inanimate object / spinning dance
james holden & the animal spirits · the animal spirits
tor · blue book
health care
ben frost · the centre cannot hold
lose a little
profligate · somewhere else
visible cloaks · reassemblage
walking and falling
laurie anderson · big science
a kid
kaitlyn aurelia smith · the kid
kreidler · abc
la penombre
esmerine · mechanics of dominion
the diary of germaine nouveau
kreidler · eve future: recall
misty morning
maya jane coles · take flight
oval · popp
4 am exhale
the orb · chill out world
bambro koyo ganda
bonobo · migration
cold specks · fool's paradise
sky's grey
destroyer · ken
the motive
elsiane · death of the artist
money for moondogs
trailer trash tracys · athaea