Breakfast With The Browns Episode November 20, 2017

Music for the November Drearies

7:56am - 10:56am

Carl Stone; James Holden & the Animal Spirits; SubtractiveLad; Richard Horowitz; Valiska; Byron Westbrook; Building Castles out of Matchsticks; Do Make Say Think; Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith; Craig Leon; Purple Pilgrims; TALsounds; Mya Jane Coles; Saltland; Close Encounter; Mount Kimbie; Off World; Destroyer;
Trailer Trash Tracys; The Cosmic Range; Cold Specks: Blue Hawaii & Sneaks.

Track Listing:

banteay srey
carl stone · mom's
thunder moon gathering
james holden & the animal spirits · the animal spirits
first blush
subtractivelad · ellipsis
eros never stops dreaming
richard horowitz · eros in arabia
fake strings for false memories
valiska · on pause
ritual geometry / sympathetic bodies
byron westbrook · body consonance
memory within memory
secret pyramid · two shadows collide
living receiver
building castles out of matchsticks · time never ending
her eyes on the horizon
do make say think · stubborn persistent illusions
to feel your best
kaitlyn aurelia smith · the kid
one hundred steps
craig leon · nommos
perpetual prelude
purple pilgrims · eternal delight
crossing lines
talsounds · love sick
maya jane coles · take flight
a common truth
saltland · a common truth
see the sun
close encounter · first light
four years and one day
mount kimbie · love that survives
off world · 2
sky's grey
destroyer · ken
trailer trash tracys · althaea
new latitudes
the cosmic range · new latitudes
new moon
cold specks · fool's paradise
make love stay
blue hawaii · tenderness
not my combination
sneaks · it's a myth