Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 2, 2017

October Songs...

7:53am - 10:56am

Kerry Leimer; High Plains; Jef Greinke; Teen Daze; Do Make Sat Think; Eternal Tapestry; Godspeed! You Black Emperor; LTJ Bukem; Moths & Locusts; Forager; Respectful Child; Morricone Youth; Maya Jane Coles; Tiny Vipers; Miriodor; Mount Kimbie; Colleen; Peach Pyramid; Briana Marcela; Dixie's Death Pool; Trailer Trash Tracys; Cold Specks & Austra;

Track Listing:

two voices
kerry leimer · land of look behind
confusion in belief
kerry leimer · land of look behind
testimony and honor
kerry leimer · land of look behind
the outpost
kerry leimer · land of look behind
the dusk pines
high plains · cinderland
exploding white stars
jeff greinke · big weather
post storm
teen daze · morning world
do make say think · stubborn persistent illusions
enchanter's nightshade
eternal tapestry · wild strawberries
bosses hang
godspeed! you black emperor · luciferian towers
ltj bukem · muzik classics: drum & bass
acid cloud (part 2)
moths & locusts · intro / outro
part V
forager · scribe stepping in and out of season
respectful child · searching
trolley song
morricone youth · sunrise: a song of two humans
take flight
maya jane coles · take flight
crossing the river of yourself
tiny vipers · laughter
miriodor · signal 9
four years and one day
mount kimbie · love what survives
winter dawn
colleen · a flame my love, a frequency
we glide / she sighs
peach pyramid · repeating myself
farthest shore
briana marela · call it love
some kind of desolation
dixie's death pool · twilight, sound mountain
eden machine
trailer trash tracys · althaea
ancient habits
cold specks · fool's paradise