Breakfast With The Browns Episode July 10, 2017

Stubborn Persistent Illusions Indeed....

8:00am - 10:59am

Pete Namlook / Bill Laswell; Joshua Abrams & the Natural Information Society; Carl Stone; Colin Stetson; Underworld; Do Make Say Think; Fond of Tigers; Visible Cloaks; Building Castles out of Matchsticks; LTJ Bukem; Spool; Umfang; Veloce; Lamb; Mono, Telefuzz; Bonobo; Brasstronaut; Arcade Fire; Unklnik; Tosca & Lamb.

Track Listing:

frican dub / east leaves west
pete namlook / bill laswell · outland 4
sideways fall
joshua abrams & the natural information society · simutonality
carl stone · mom's
between water and wind
colin stetson · all this i do for glory
best mamgu ever
underworld · oblivion with bells
a murder of thoughts
do make say think · stubborn persistent illusions
wonder what we're whispering for
fond of tigers · uninhabit
visible cloaks · reassemblage
the spotless mind
building castles out of matchsticks · n.a.
ltj bukem · journey inwards
sequence of mesas
spool · spool III
umfang · symbolic use of light
veloce · s.t.
lamb · what sound
life in mono
mono · s.t.
sideshot jazzwalk
telefuzz · headlands
no reason
bonobo · migration
brasstronaut · s.t.
ocean of noise
arcade fire · neon bible
konkrete slamm'n
unklnik · barefeat presents
me and yoko ono
tosca · dehli9
what sound
lamb · what sound