Breakfast With The Browns Episode July 3, 2017

Happy Canada Day Monday

7:54am - 10:56am

SubtractiveLad; Steve Roach; Off World; SubtractiveLad; Jeff Greinke; Building Castles out of Matchsticks; High Plains; Bing & Ruth; Automatisme; Kar-Lis Coverdale; Do Make Say Think; Saltland; Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds; Wreckmeister Harmonies; Dixie's Death Pool; Cocteau Twins; Malka Spigel; Elsiane; Kid Koala / Emiliana Torrini; Cocteau Twins; Teho Teardo / Blixa Bargeld; Slowdive; Sneaks & Doomsquad.

Track Listing:

into the green
subtractivelad · sustain / release
the return
steve roach · dreamtime return
primitive streak
off world · s.t.
subtractivelad · sustain / release
their secret game
jeff greinke · big weather
thought withdrawal
building castles out of matchsticks · n.a.
blood that ran the rapids
high plains · cinderland
starwood choker
bing & ruth · no home of the mind
as much as possible
bing & ruth · no home of the mind
transport 3
automatisme · moment form accumulations
kara-lis coverdale · aftertouches
her eyes on the horizon
do make say think · stubborn persistent illusions
light of mercy
saltland · a common truth
girl in amber
nick cave and the bad seeds · skeleton tree
light falls I - The Mantra
wreckmeister harmonies · light falls
the egg
dixie's death pool · twilight sound mountain
frou frou foxes in midsummer fires
cocteau twins · heaven or las vegas
malka spigel · everyday is like the first day
back to the source
elsiane · death of the artist
leave this city
the sundays · static - silence
beneath the heat
kid koala & emiliana torrini · music to draw to: satellite
sugar hiccup
cocteau twins · stars and topsoil
dhx 2
teho teardo / blixa bargeld · nerissimo
some velvet morning
slowdive · souvlaki
cybele's reverie
stereolab · emperor tomato ketchup
not my combination
sneaks · not my myth
pyramids on mars
doomsquad · total time