Breakfast With The Browns Episode June 12, 2017

Revisiting Carl Stone, Kerry Leimer, Steve Roach...

7:56am - 10:56am

Carl Stone; OneOverZero; Psychic Pollution; SubtractiveLad; Building Castles out of Matchsticks; Ian WIlliam Craig; Steve Roach; Kerry Leimer;
Brian Eno / David Byrne; Jeff Greinke; High Plains; Do Make Say Think; Jhno; Kara-Lis Coverdale; Saltland; Brasstronaut; Tiny Vipers; Roman Flugel;
The Field; Bonobo; Timber Timbre; Teen Daze & Unklnik.

Track Listing:

chao nue
carl stone · mom's
kathryn wind
oneoverzero · chimera
neural network
psychic pollution · ai existential intelligence report
the condition of weightlessness
subtractivelad · sustain / release
a fluctuating level of consciousness
building castles out of matchsticks · n.a.
ian william craig · slow vessels
truth in passing
steve roach · dreamtime return
confusion in belief
kerry leimer · land of look behind
a secret life
brian eno / david byrne · my life in the bush of ghosts
their secret game
jeff greinke · big weather
a white truck
high plains · cinderland
do make say think · stubborn persistent illusions
the big sleep
jhno · understand
touch me and die
kara-lis coverdale · aftertouches
this other place
saltland · a common truth
brasstronaut · s.t.
the summing of moments
tiny vipers · laughter
your war is over
roman flugel · happiness is happening
raise the dead
the field · the follower
bonobo · migration
timber timbre · sincerely, future pollution
teen daze · themes for a dying earth
rewind & grind
unklnik · barefeat presents