Breakfast With The Browns Episode May 29, 2017

May Light Falls on this Other Place

7:54am - 10:56am

Lights in a Fat City; Joshua Abrams / Natural Information Society; Alice Coltrane; Mo Boma; Colin Stetson; Richard H Kirk; Do Make Say Think; Automatisme; Visible Cloaks; Wreckmeister Harmonies; Nick Cave; Brasstronaut; Saltland; Buck 65; Forest Swords; Tint Vipers; Bonobo; Elsiane & Trentemoller.

Track Listing:

lights in a fat city · sound column
maroon dune
joshua abrams / natural information society · simutonality
journey in satchidananda
alice coltrane · turiyasanagitananda
hut song / chronos
mo boma · jijimuge
the lure of the mine
colin stetson · all this i do for glory
east of nima
richard h kirk · the number of magic
return, return again
do make say think · stubborn persistent illusions
transport 1
automatisme · momentform accumulations
visible cloaks · reassemblage
cause b
fond of tigers · uninhabit
where have you been my lovely son
wreckmeister harmonies · light falls
jesus alone
nick cave and the bad seeds · skeleton tree
brasstronaut · s.t.
this other place
saltland · a common truth
drawing curtains
buck 65 · secret house against the world
war it
forest swords · compassion
tiny vipers · laughter
second sun
bonobo · migration
the motive
elsiane · death of the artist
river in me
Trentemoller · fixion