Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 24, 2017

Possible Musics

7:57am - 10:57am

Jon Hassell; Gas; High Plains: Jon Hassell; Joshua Abrams / Natural Information Society; K Leimer; High Plains; Sarah Davachi; Saltlands; Jon Hassell / Brian Eno; Corinthian; Building Castles out of Matchsticks; Pulseprogramming; Rapoon; Delia Derbyshire Appeciation Society; White Poppy; Tim Hecker;
Loscil; Malka Spigel; Bin & Ruth; Ian William Craig; Moth Mouth; Kid Koala / Emiliana Torrini; Vermont; Doomsquad; Microbunny & Sneaks

Track Listing:

wing melodies
jon hassell · power spot
narkopop 1
gas · narkopop
high plains · cinderland
cloud shaped time
jon hassell · psychogeography: zones of feeling
maroon dune
joshua abrams / natural information society · simultonality
the cockpit
k leimer · the land of look behind
a white truck
high plains · cinderland
sarah davachi · all my circles run
this other place
saltlands · a common truth
jon hassell / brian eno · fourth world: possible musics
bleak mechanics
corinthian · eurozone ghost
we can build you
building castles out of matchsticks · goodnight perfect
there aren't
pulseprogramming · s.t.
boat of sky and stone
rapoon · stray
delia derbyshire appreciation society · s.t.
exotic realms
white poppy · s.t.
castrati stack
tim hecker · love streams
loscil · monument builders
malka spigel · everyday is like the first day
what ash it flow up
bing & ruth · no home of the mind
set to lapse
ian william craig · centres
a dark spot in the sky
moth mouth · mirror universe
the hubble constant
kid koala / emiliana torrini · music to draw to: satellite
give me
teho teardo / blixa bargeld · nerissimo
vermont · vermont II
eat the love
doomsquad · total time
gravity and air
microbunny · 49 swans
not my combination / hair slick back
sneaks · it's a myth