Breakfast With The Browns Episode February 6, 2017

Snow? Big deal! - Music with Traction

7:57am - 10:56am

Shakelton / Vengence Tenfold; Klaus Schulze / Pete Namlook; Automatisme; Biosphere; Christian Loffler; Loscil; Demdike Stare; Onoverzero; Burial;
Psychic Pollution; Cares; Kid Koala / Emilaina Torrini; Titanium Tunnels; 9t Antiope; Underworld; Fond of Tigers; Richard H Kirk; O'rang; Future Sound of London & Recoil.

Track Listing:

fear the crown
shakelton / vengence tenfold · sferic ghost transmits
the heart of our nearest star pt 3
klaus schulze / pete namlook · dark side of the moog vol 11
simultaneite 3
automatisme · momentform accumulations
wyll and purpose
biosphere · departed glories
all comes
christian loffler · young alaska
loscil · monument builders
airbourne latency
demdike stare · wonderland
concept f
oneoverzero · chimera
young death
burial · young death / nightmarket e.p.
memorization aptitude experiment
psychic pollution · ai existential intelligence report
cares · who else are you?
the hubble constant
kid koala / emiliana torrini · music to draw to: satellite
positronic coma
titanium tunnels · the blackhole in a star...
abiding eventide
9t antiope · syzgys
best mamgu ever
underworld · oblivion with bells
wonder what we are whispering for
fond of tigers · uninhabit
poets, saints, revolutionaries
richard h kirk · the number of magic
loaded values
o'rang · heard of instinct
elysian fields
future sound of london · the isness
recoil · sub human